Privacy Policy

The Client acknowledges that the performance of this agreement may require that the Client disclose or provide certain data to the Airline, the supplier and/or the relevant authorities. For such limited purpose, the Client hereby authorises the Airline and/or the supplier to retain, use and process such personal data, including transmitting such data to relevant authorities. The Client shall secure any and all necessary consent from any persons as may be required under relevant data protection or privacy legislation with respect to the said disclosure, provision or processing of such personal data for such limited purpose.

Aircontact’s responsibility

The Airlines terms for chartered flights are a part of the agreement. The conditions will be sent upon inquiry. Upon a breach of the obligations of the Agreement, where the breach depends on the situation within the Airline’s control, the Client can only hold Aircontact responsible to the degree that Aircontact can hold the Airline responsible.

Declaration of confidentiality

The Agreement, and all of the information that the parties exchange, including, but not limited to, business secrets and information about individual relations, shall be kept secret and not be given to others without the other parties written consent.

Upon signing the Agreement, the Client accepts the terms of the Agreement, including Airlines’ terms and conditions.