Our experience – your advantage

Aircontact is one of the world’s oldest air broker companies, providing global air charter solutions since 1962. We have always focused on delivering quality, safety, and competitive prices for our passenger and cargo solutions, both in the Scandinavian and international markets.

Our team has extensive experience in air brokerage and bring diverse backgrounds from travel agencies, airlines, shipping, defense, and humanitarian work. Our dedicated and qualified air brokers works tirelessly to achieve our goal: to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our expertise and motivation are the factors that give our customers an experience of going the extra mile.

Our mission

Aircontact’s goal is to ensure success for our customers in all market segments. We achieve this by providing charter flights, private flights, and cargo flights with a strong emphasis on safety and quality. Additionally, we offer our customers prompt responsiveness and tailor-made solutions that fit their unique needs.

Our vision

To be one of Europe’s leading air brokers, operating worldwide.

Safe and reliable provider of air charter services

AS Aircontact is part of Aircontact Group, and together we are actively involved in various sectors within the travel industry. With an annual turnover of over 500 million euros in the group, we have a solid financial foundation that enables AS Aircontact to achieve good annual results and maintain a consistently high standard.

When you charter a plane through Aircontact, we handle all payments on your behalf. This means that we take responsibility for forwarding the payments to the respective airlines. This minimizes both your financial risk and the time spent managing payments to unfamiliar airlines with foreign bank accounts. As our customer, you can feel safe and secure knowing that the payment is made to a reliable and Norwegian company. We have thorough knowledge of our suppliers and the industry, based on many years of experience.

We have been involved in aircraft chartering for over 60 years

AS Aircontact was founded in 1962 and is one of the world’s oldest and most experienced airbroker firms. With a background in shipping and aviation, the initial focus in the early years was transporting seafarers and spare parts to ships worldwide. Right from the beginning, Aircontact has shown itself to be a leader in its industry, particularly here in Scandinavia. Over the years, we have expanded our service area to cover all types of aircraft chartering.

Today, we have offices in Oslo, Stavanger, and Stockholm. From our offices, we handle flight operations on all continents – around the world.