Charter cargo flights

Aircontact has been arranging cargo charters since 1962. We are dedicated to assisting those who seek a swift and secure delivery method, and our team of experienced air brokers are ready to assist you. We ensure to find the optimal solution tailored to your specific needs

What types of goods can be transported by air?

We are always committed to assisting our customers in finding optimal solutions for their specific cargo needs.

We have extensive experience in providing solutions for customers who require transportation of heavy cargo or large shipments. We have also assisted customers with time-sensitive deliveries and handled the safe transportation of hazardous materials. Our team also possesses significant expertise in organizing the shipment of emergency relief supplies and ensuring the secure and comfortable transportation of animals by air.

No matter what your cargo requirements may be, you can rely on us to work diligently in finding the best solution and ensuring a successful delivery.

Ask us about cargo charter

With over 60 years of experience in cargo aviation, feel free to contact us to learn about the solutions we can offer for your cargo needs.

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