The Greener Choice

Aircontact was certified ISO 14001 standard in September 2020. ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance.

Let us be honest, it is no secret that air travel contributes to about 2, 4% of our total CO2 emissions. So how do you fly with the smallest environmental impact possible? There may be cases where air travel is your only option. However, is there such a thing as sustainable or green flying?

The short answer is no, truly sustainable air travel is not possible. The long answer is that there are certainly ways to ensure that your flight has way less of an impact. Such as the choice of airline, aircraft, seats, route and CO2 compensation.

Aircontact can help you find the greener option based on your set criteria regarding number of pax and destination. Contact your broker if you wish to be part of “the Greener Choice” program when receiving offers from us.

Some factors we take into consideration, when finding the greener choice:

  • Choose direct flights. A direct flight from point A to B (instead of using an airport x miles away from the destination) will save fuel burn on the aircraft as well as ground transport. The aircrafts burns most fuel during takeoff, so deciding a direct option without fuel stops is essential.
  • Choose a more sustainable airline. Choosing an airline that already has a «green way of thinking» as well as implemented measures, is something we try, or at least suggest to the end-user. Several airlines have also started blending SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) into the aircraft fuel to reduce the CO2 footprint, which will further contribute to a greener choice.
  • Fuel burn. Newer aircrafts will have lower fuel burn, advising clients for a newer aircraft model as the greener option
  • Number of pax vs size of plane. An aircraft full of pax is more sustainable than lots of empty seats. We always try to find the perfect aircraft for the group size, avoiding fuel stops and also aircrafts that have the performance to land at the airport closest to the final destination