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On time, in comfort

Save time and money

Scandinavia has traditionally not been the biggest player within the business jet segment in Europe. Current trends indicate that this might be changing.


Busy period for football charter flights

Aircontact has for many years arranged charter flights for Scandinavian football clubs, in their quest to qualify for Champions League and the Europa League group play.

Flying start

Flying start to 2016

Despite a weaker Norwegian economy, we have increased sales by more then 50 percent Q1/2016. The start of the year has been exceptional, and the increase seems to continue. We see that the number of requests

Latvian flag

Latvian MoD again award Aircontact frame agreement

Aircontact have for last 4 years had an agreement with Latvian Ministry of Defense (MoD), covering passenger and cargo aircraft charters, as well as chartering of ocean vessels. The agreement for passenger aircrafts and ocean vessels are exclusive.  We have had charter

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Aircontact have after international tender renewed the contract with Hansel, Finland up to end 2017. Hansel is a Finnish governmental procurement agency and the contract

NF Metro 23 blå

Weekly flights to Ørland air base

After an international tendering process, Aircontact were in July awarded a one year contract, with 3 years option, to operate weekly flights to

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First ever AN-225 MRIYA in Norway

19 June,2014 10:17LT the giant freighter landed safely at Oslo Airport. Aircontact, Scandinavia`s leading airbroker