In 1962, Aircontact was founded with it's headquarter in Oslo, Norway and are one of the oldest and most experienced air broker' companies in the world. Our aim in the early years was to provide charter flights for crew changes and ships’ spares. From day one, Aircontact managed to established ourselves as Scandinavia’s leading air broker. Today, we have offices in Oslo, Stavanger and Stockholm and run charter oprations, on all Continents. Our involvlement are no longer only aimed at crew change and ship's spares, but cover all segments of air operations. Aircontact is fully owned by Aircontact Group AS, a privatly owned company by the Stenersen family

Our Mission
Aircontact aims to create business success for its customers by providing air charter solutions, focusing on safety, responsibility and customized solutions.

Our Vision
To be one of Europe’s leading air brokers, operating worldwide.

Our Team
The Aircontact team is made up of highly skilled air brokers and airline staff with a wide range of experience including airlines, travel agencies, shipping companies, government institutions and international organizations. Our highly motivated and experienced brokers and GSA sales team work around the clock, with the aim of exceeding clients’ expectations. We believe these additional assets enable us to provide our clients with the most competitive and appropriate service.

Our Financial Aspects
Aircontact is part of the Aircontact Group, which is actively involved in various sectors of the travel industry, with a gross turnover of approximately USD 600 million. We have a solid capital base, with good annual results, and since we are AAA rated, our performance is at a consistently high level.