Due to the COVID-19 outbreak airlines have limited scheduled service. As it has been difficult to move crew on scheduled air service, aircraft charter offers a solution to get crew members fast and efficient from A to B.
Aircontact has the past months worked intensively to move crew and employees to/from destinations all over the world. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, charter flights are more challenging to plan than normal. In Aircontact we are though welcoming all challenges, and we have been able to perform all crew change charters booked with us.

On all charter flights, Aircontact have had a strong focus on infections prevention measures. Aircontact is working closely with all parties involved in planning an ad-hoc charter operation, to ensure that everyone has adequate infections control measures.

Contact Aircontact today to seek advice on how to move crew and employees on air charter. brokers@aircontact.com / +47 22925550