disinfect cabin

 To prevent the spread of Covid-19 around the globe, many airlines have put a majority of their fleet on ground or stopped flying to certain destinations. However, there are still groups of people that needs to travel by plane, and often aircraft charter is the only option. Furthermore the current implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine and the reopening of many countries and destinations will make travel more accessible for group travel the coming months. For these occasions, Aircontact is ready to assist and make sure your flight will be handled in accordance with current regulations for infection control.


• Travel as a closed group - Full track of who is onboard
• Keep distance onboard with extra spacing between passengers
• Implement own company guidelines in addition to Government rules
• Use of private terminals or smaller airports t o minimize contact with other passengers
• Possibility to be picked up by car/bus on aircraft side.
• Disinfection of Aircraft
• Strict COVID-19 procedures for crew.
• Flying direct to your destination and avoid infection risk during transit in a third country